How to Export a Large OVF Template using the vCenter 6.5 Web Client

Short answer – Don’t.

We have a vApp that is ~2 TB, which is made up of north of 100 files.  When using the web client to export the vApp to an OVF template, both IE and Firefox appear to have attempted to spawn tabs to initiate download of all the files at once.  This resulted in the Web Client crashing and the OVF export failing.  So don’t try that.

Instead, try this, using the VMware PowerCLI 6.5:

    Connect-VIServer -Server <IP_Address_of_vCenter_Server>
    Get-VApp - Name <Name_of_vApp> | Export-VApp -Destination "F:\Destination_external_HDD"

Notes from a Presentation on Technical Humility

These are the notes – I hope to flesh them out later.

Definition of Technical Humility


Technical Humility = Honest Self-Assessment + Healthy Self-Doubt + Willingness to Admit Ignorance

Self-Assessment Scale


Cake                    Tricky                          No way

Healthy Self-Doubt

Willingness to Admit Ignorance – The hardest for me, but the biggest payoff.  Continues to require effort.

So what?

Builds trust with team members

Speeds up output

Can lead to learning (depending on team)

Reduces personal stress


Individuals and interactions over processes and tools – Can enhance interactions between team members

Responding to change over following a plan – Favors responsiveness to the project’s needs over my personal plan.

Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.  – Says “It’s not about me – it’s about providing value to the customer.”